Let’s Usher A New Era for Mauritius​

December 2019

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Following the upswing observed in 2017, the economic momentum is fading in most of the countries across the world. In its October 2019 World Economic Outlook (WEO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) denoted a ‘synchronised slowdown’​, trimming its global growth predictions, against its April 2019 outlook, by 0.3 percentage point and 0.2 percentage point for 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Maurice, Notre Pays Si Fragile​

March 2019

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Depuis 1968, Maurice a su évoluer d’une économie essentiellement sucrière et dépendante de sa métropole à une économie ouverte, axée sur plusieurs industries. Notre pays, porté par la vision et les actions d’un groupe brillant et dévoué de politiques, de fonctionnaires, d’entrepreneurs ainsi que par une population avide de progrès, a su jouer des accords préférentiels et de sa proximité culturelle avec certains pays afin d’effectuer sa transition économique.​

The Transformative Capacity of Mauritius

December 2018

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 Mauritian economy, though resilient in appearance, remains weak with regard to its growth potential, and more so in the light of the emerging global megatrends.The intent to position Mauritius as a globally-competitive player in the fields of lifesciences, blue economy, logistics and high-value added manufacturing is unlikely to bear fruits in the near future. 

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 

July 2017

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Whilst economies worldwide are being radically transformed by exponential technological advances, and mighty business players are being disrupted by start-ups run by young innovators, Mauritius is stuck in its traditional business ecosystem with a clear bias towards vertically-integrated and diversified conglomerates. Instead of being acclaimed, youth entrepreneurship is widely viewed by Mauritians as a mere alternative to unemployment.​

A.Pather: Le Numérique, C’est Son Bébé​

June 2017

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Tête pensante et agissante. Armoodalingum Pather a parcouru la planète, d’une conférence à l’autre, recherché pour son expertise en télécommunications, car grâce à lui, Maurice a fait des bonds de géant dans son domaine. C’est un technicien de haut vol, qui a joué un rôle de premier plan dans les étapes cruciales de l’essor de la MBC.​

Industrialisation Journey of Singapore​

June 2016

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Singapore is very often referred to as a model for Mauritius. In spite of its limited land area of 714 sq km and its lack of any natural resource, Singapore has effectively overcome its natural constraints to position itself as one of the most competitive and performing economies in the world​.

Reshaping the Mauritian Economy​

February 2016

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A joint paper published by Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in April 2015 asserts that we are entering a new phase of creative disruption – a business term inspired from the theory of creative destruction developed by the economist Joseph Schumpeter to highlight the destructive yet overall transformative and creative process triggered by innovations – led by three distinct “ecosystems”, namely the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the “Sharing Economy” and “Online Services”.​



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